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ITV BAJA Paramotor wing
For who ?
For all beginner paraglider and paramotor pilots
For what ?
For learning and progression in paragliding and paramotoring

Stability in all conditions

Pleasure, simplicity and security ...

... These are the watchwords of our latest school & progression wing. Because it is your experience that matters most, ITV listened : the Baja was born from the perfect synthesis of all the feedback we had from pilots and professionals !

The Baja has been designed to give you maximum pleasure in all phases of flight. From takeoff to landing, everything has been carefully thought out so that you can fully enjoy your practice. From its conception, we have optimized the lines, risers and sails. The result is a greatly facilitated preparation of the wing and a successful take-off without fail, both in paraglider and paramotor.

Its innovative profile offers impressive and unprecedented passive safety, stability on all axes and in all conditions. The Baja offers a very high tolerance and will accompany you throughout your progress because it is a precise wing which will offer you a piloting comfort rarely seen in this category of sail. A solid and optimized construction. As usual, no compromise has been made on the choice of materials and the Baja offers exemplary lifespan for a more than respectable weight and size. You want to discover paramotor and / or paragliding, this is the Baja for you !

in detail


Choix des couleurs

Total inflight weight

technical data



Flat Surface (m²) 22.0 24,5 27 29,5 32
Weight (kg) 4 4,2 4,6 5 5,6
Span (m) 10,2 11,2 12,1 13 14
Aspect ratio 5 5 5 5 5
Number of cells 39 39 39 39 39
Total in flight weight - paragliding (kg) 50-80 60-90 70-100 90-120 NON
Total in flight weight - paramotor (kg) 50-110 60-120 70-135 90-160 110-190
Top speed - arms up (km/h) 38 38 38 38 38
Top speed - speed bar (km/h) 48 48 48 48 48
Top speed - trimmers (km/h) 50 50 50 50 50
Homologation DGAC / EN-A DGAC / EN-A; DGAC / EN-A DGAC / EN-A DGAC


All the precision of LASER cutting of the different parts that make up your ITV wing.

Structural reinforcement of the leading edge by means of nylon rods.

Optimization of cutting and assembly of the panels that make up the leading edge.



package content

  • quick pack ITV
  • inner bag
  • compression strap
  • user manual
  • goodies ITV
  • DGAC identification sheet