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40 years of know-how have been combined and used to design our latest wing, the Wasabi!
Whether you are more into soaring, gentle evening flights, cross country adventures, making your first steps in aerobatics or Powered Paragliding (PPG), the Wasabi covers it all for unparalleled progression. From leaving school to performing your first SAT or completing your first 100 kilometers XC flight, one thing is certain, the Wasabi will be instrumental into reaching your goals without having to limit yourself and expectations.




Let's talk about the technologies developed and used to accompany you in all your future adventures! The Wasabi's innovative profile considerably increases internal cell pressure, thus resulting in a rapid filling of the caissons during inflation. Once airborne, you will enjoy an exceptional glide for a wing in this category. Optimized braking and turning abilities will naturally help you feel all the variations in air mass for a most intuitive piloting.
A careful choice of lightweight and robust materials was made to guarantee an extended product lifespan standing among the best in the industry. Fully sheathed lines facilitate disentangling and setting up the Wasabi while guaranteeing dimensional stability over time. The risers layout was optimized to greatly simplify handling the glider on the ground and in the air.

Easy, precise, playful: it is your dream wing come true.

The Wasabi stands out in its class for its great ease in all takeoff, flight and landing phases. If pushed out of its flight envelope, it will also be exemplary with gentle and progressive re-inflations and return to its default flight configuration, and hence probably making it one of the best gliders for learning aerobatics. To sum it all up; a wing to put on your bucket list and urgently try! Whatever your flight skills level, you will certainly be pleasantly charmed!



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Technical datas :

SFlat area (m²) 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0
Wing wheight (kg) 4.0 4.3 4.6 5.0
Aspec ratio 5.62 5.62 5.62 5.62
Cells 55 55 55 55
Total in-flight weight PG (kg) 55-75 (EN-B) 70-90 (EN-B) 85-105 (EN-B) 100-120 (EN-B)
Total in-flight weight PPG (kg) 50-100 (DGAC) 65-113 (DGAC) 80-133 (DGAC) 95-160 (DGAC)
Speed arms up (km/h) 39 39 39 39
Max speed (km/h) 52 52 52 52
certification EN-B / DGAC EN-B / DGAC EN-B / DGAC EN-B / DGAC







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package content

The Wasabi is delivered with :

- Smart pack or quick pack
- inner bag
- compression strap
- User guide on USB key
- goodies ITV