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The Sharka can only be tamed by Acro professionals.


The amount of energy and power emitted from this small wing is phenomenal.
Agile and powerful with an incredible steering precision, it will handle any aerobatic moves thrown at it..

The Sharka can only be tamed by Acro professionals.


TEChnical data

  • 18

    Taille / Size : 18 m²
    Poids / weight : 5,9 kg
    Allongement / Aspect Ratio : 5.55
    Alvéoles / Cells : 50
    Corde max / Max Chord : 2,20 m
    PTV parapente / Paragliding in flight weight : 70-120 kg
    Vitesse bras hauts / Arms up speed : 43 km/h
    Vitesse max / Max speed : 55 km/h
    Homologation / Certification : ACRO

Download the SHAKRA plans lines


The wing in action

The wing in action

THE wing in image


Shakra 01
Shakra 02
Shakra 03
Shakra 04
Shakra 05
Shakra 06

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