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The Bulldog was primarily designed for the Powered Trike activity.


Easy to inflate and takeoff with optimum stability , docile in flight with good landing capabilities.
Those characteristics are associated to mild toggle braking impute.
The overall creative process was implemented toward maximizing a positive behavior in all phases of flight as well as long term structural integrity : During the EN certification structural tests, the Bulldog was abled to sustain an incredible 2400 kg. load at a positive 6G exerted force, which in turn and according to european regulation commission, authorizes the Bulldog's Total Flying Weight to be 400 kg. during takeoff !

techniCAL DATA :

  • Tandem 38

    Tandem 38

    Taille / Size : 38m
    Poids / weight : 9,4kg
    A/R : 5.2
    PTV paramoteur / PPG in flight weight : 130-360kg
    Vitesse bras hauts / Arms up speed : 52 km/h
    Vitesse max / Max speed : 62 km/h
    Homolog :DGAC
    Prix conseillé / Price : 3940.00€

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The wing in the media

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The wing in action

"Bulldog show" par Fred Mallard

The wing in image


Bull Dog 01
Bull Dog 02

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