The ITV Quick-Pack is the innovative and ideal solution for storing your wing, and so be ready to takeoff in record time! Featuring a large 360 ° net, it helps drive moisture away from your wing and lets it breathe.

Its innovative design allows a double compression of the wing without damaging it. You will quickly reduce the overall packing volume by 30%! Your wing will easily find its place inside any vehicle.

Glider lines tangles will be avoided, due to an integrated fastening clips system to secure the risers! Compact when folded, it will slip into any harness pocket!

Following its R&D philosophy, ITV is constantly developing/improving its product line, and as a result, we have pre-equipped the Quick-Pack with buckles to welcome future innovative options in terms of carrying and storage.





+ 360º breathing net
+ Double compression cord
+ 4 carrying handles
+ 1 shoulder strap
+ Clips to fasten the risers


+ diameter : 77 cm
+ weight: 520 g
+ volume: 160 l
+ color : black/yellow
+ fabric : cordura and Nylon net



Developed with the same mindset for quality all throughout our glider line, the best materials were used to build our new Quick-Pack.
ITV can therefore guaranty and stand behind the product durability and longevity!






+ Price : 85 €


Available at your ITV dealer.
To locate an ITV dealer in your area, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.