The entire ITV staff thanks the Team pilots for their participation, great enthusiasm and generosity during the 2017 Coupe Icare event. You have done an outstanding job at representing the ITV brand.


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Thanks again to:
- The FURY’US GIRL Team: Helina Nieminen and Marine Gramunt
- The 3 RIDAIRS Thomas Migneaux, Dimitris Kolliakos and Victor Rodriguez.S
- Alireza Amidi for her BOXER 2 demonstration that ignited the Saint-Hilaire audience.
- Fred Mallard for his wise advice. 

Thomas Migneaux gratified us with a third place on the Parabatix podium, and Dimitris Kolliakos finished 4th for his first participation.

Congratulation to you all, and see you next year at the 2018 Coupe Icare.

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And on the official PARABATIX website :










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