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Ever since the Astérion, the first wing designed specifically for paragliding, ITV have always been involved in the evolution of the sport, peppering its history with famous names and innovations: multicells, eliptical geometry, line technologies, V-ribs, diagonal reinforcements ...

But ITV are not just about an impressive track record; we represent a passion for the wind, for gliding and for your pleasure.

ITV, networks and distributors throughout the world:
Switzerland - Italy - United Kingdom - the Netherlands - Spain - Portugal - Belgium - Greece - Sweden - Denmark - Norway - Finland - Russia - Belarussia - Thailand - Japan - China - India - Iran - Saudi Arabia - Morocco - USA - Canada - Brazil - Argentina - Chile - Australia - New Zealand.


ITV Wings / Standard
+33 4 50 64 52 40 / info@itv-wings.com

+33 6 85 95 53 05 / sav@itv-wings.com

Mika REGNIER / Directeur
+33 6 07 15 21 43 / mika@itv-wings.com

Alexandre GIGNOUX / Sales
+33 6 85 95 53 30 / alexandre@itv-wings.com

Olivier LOIODICE /
+33 6 85 95 53 02 / olivier@itv-wings.com

ITV awards

  • 2015

    French champion
    Frédéric Mallard, PPG Trike Slalomania
  • 2014

    World champion
    PPG Trike
    French champion
    PPG Trike
  • 2013

    1st PPG Trike
    Vice-World champion
    Slalom PPG Trike
    French champion
    Slalomania PPG Trike
  • 2012

    French champion
    Women Speed-Riding
    Icarobatix Champion
    Champion of Algeria
  • 2011

    French champion
    Women Speed-Riding
  • 2010

    French champion
    Paramotor Tandem
    French champion
    Trike Paramotor
    Champion of Russia
  • 2009

    French champion
    Women Speed-Riding
    Swiss champion
    Women Speed-riding
  • 1999 to 2008

    European champion 2008
    Tandem Paramotor
    World champion 2007
    Tandem-Trike Paramotor
    French champion 2010,2008,2007,2006,2005
    Tandem Paramotor
    Spain champion 2004
    French champion 2003,2002,2001,1999,1998,1997
    World champion 1999

Our after sales service

Glider Servicing

Glider Servicing

We strongly recommend that you get your glider checked over or serviced every 100 to 150 hours of use, or every year. ITV's after sales service team have been repairing and servicing paragliders for years. Our expertise as a manufacturer means we can offer you the very best service. Our workshop is in our factory at Annecy, so we can also give you the best prices that only a manufacturer could offer. Our machines and measuring devices are of the top quality and give very reliable measurements.


ITV's after-sales repair service offers you the benefit of their many years' experience in the manufacture and repair of paragliders. Our workshop in our factory at Annecy means we can offer you the best prices that only a manufacturer could. Our experienced team use hi-tech equipment to ensure an exeplary finish on all repair work.


195 ZA Du bout du lac

ITV-wings - 195 ZA Bout du Lac - 74210 LATHUILE
Tel :+33450645240
Email : info@itv-wings.com

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