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Quick-pack speed

ITV's Quick-Pack Speed was specially designed for Speed-Riding.
Its volume is adapted to accept all Speed-Riding wing sizes and its handling does not require the skier to take his/her skis off.

The net will allow the snow to escape the bag more easily and help dry out your wing faster after a run down the mountain by quickly removing residual moisture.

In the event of disconnection of your wing from the harness, a riser clip was added to prevent any entanglement of the lines. Its innovative closing system makes it possible to use the tightening cord as a shoulder strap to carry the wing around.

Two discreet handles at the top will also help transport the bag without the risk of catching on the ski lift. The ITV Quick-Pack Speed is equipped with a sewn cover folding on itself for space gain and thus be able to put it away in a pants or jacket pocket.

With this "Quick-Pack Speed" you will optimize your sessions by saving time preparing your wing for take-off and packing it at the bottom of the RUN!


  • Closing cord
  • Quick buckle system to maintain the risers securely fastened
  • Compression cord doubling as a carrying shoulder strap
  • Net to let the wing breathe, and the air/snow escape when the bag is compressed

technical data

  • diameter : 60 cm
  • weight : 220 g
  • volume : 100 l
  • color : black/orange
  • fabric : cordura and Nylon net

Available from your ITV dealer.
to find your point of sale, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.