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Front mounted reserve parachute container

The ITV front mounted reserve parachute container was developed to be simple in use and as effective as possible.

A “Y” bridle set is integrated and built-in your harness. This simple arrangement lets you install or remove your reserve parachute container in less than 20 seconds and without having the risk of forgetfully omitting to connect the risers.

This reserve parachute container is fully compatible with all the harness equipped with rescue shoulder mounts on the market.

Available in 3 sizes (S,M,L), the ITV front mounted container will accept most of the reserve parachutes on the market.

Two compression straps are found at the the back of the container to adjust its capacity depending on the parachute size. It is particularly suited for our Light Speed and Dragon rescues in sizes 100, 120 and 160. The extraction system is equipped with a large handle along with long nylon flexible pins to help reduce the risk of unintentional opening. A clean, effective and effortless rescue deployment can be conducted in all situations.

The ITV container doubles as an Instrument/Cockpit as well with its wide top Velcro® plate.


  • integrated risers
  • a simple and easy-to-use fastening system
  • top Velcro® instrument platform
  • efficient and easy to use ITV extraction handle
  • volume container compression straps

Technical data

Weight (g) 270 285 305
Max volume (L) 4.5 5.7 7.0
Color black/red black/red black/red
Materials Cordura and Dyneema strap Cordura and Dyneema strap Cordura and Dyneema strap


You simply connect your parachute to the risers and close the container’s pocket to be ready for use.

1 - Connect each of the two red loops to the main harness carabiners.
2 - Push the chest strap through the back strap of the container.
3 - You are ready to takeoff!

* We recommend using rectangular certified 7mm Maillon Rapide® for the emergency connection to the risers.

Available from your ITV dealer.
to find your point of sale, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.