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Benjamin Jobard

Benjamin Jobard - ITV Wings pilot

" I never stopped flying since the gift of my father "

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  • equipment:
    Piper, Wasabi, Fury, Siam
  • Favorite quote :
    Life is a game, play it!

Who is Benjamin ?

Benjamin Jobard is a French paraglider and paramotor pilot, who joined the ITV Wings team in 2016 with his wife, Marine Gramunt.
He met few years ago paramotoring with his father who practice this “discipline” since more than 20 years.

He likes to tickle with Fred Mallard, his great friend. Younger, Benjamin already admired his way of flew. 

Benjamin’s father offered him the best gift ever, a tandem paramotor flight who will change the course of his life. He never stopped fly then.

Same with his wife Marine, his favorite wing is the Fury.
The first time he saw it in the air, he has just graduate and immediately fell in love with it.
He saw Fred piloting it and having fun spinning around a windsock. Then, he was able to get the Fury and take part, with happiness, to his first competitions and compet with the best pilots.

In practice, he was also conquered by the maneuverability and great speed range of the Fury, who will stay at the top place of best wings he flew with.

As Marine and Benjamin have a young child, They adapt their family life with flights and locals competitions.
If you want to meet them , they will be present at the MULM and Coupe Icare events in 2023!


2022 = 1st in the Pays de la Loire regional championship
2019 = 2nd in the French PL1 championship
2019 = 1st in the regional championship
2017 = 3rd by team with Marine Gramunt and Fredéric Mallard in the French championship

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